Form can be defined as a manifestation, a shape, or a configuration. Whether it’s the form of a garment you wear, the form of objects throughout your home, the form of your figure, or the form of your actions, each element provides a form of you. The idea of Form Clothiers is that you can find your form in each piece of merchandise, and that it enhances the abstract idea of your personal form.

Form Clothiers LLC was founded in September 2021. The first brick-and-mortar location opened in August 2023 at Stovehouse in Huntsville, AL. 


Maggie Rae is currently employed full-time by industry-leading luxury department store chain, Nordstrom, in their corporate office as a Brand Specialist. Her previous experience comes from working with highly notable entrepreneurs such as world-renowned prom, pageant, and formal dress designer, Sherri Hill. She also worked for TLC and Project Runway star Heidi Elnora. 

From New York Fashion Week and the after parties, to dinner with Lionel Richie and Ryan Seacrest, Maggie Rae chases every opportunity given to her. And the ones that aren’t. She believes the world is your oyster, and while we all touch different parts of the world, we need to be dressed accordingly. Maggie Rae is eager to provide consumers with exquisite clothing options for every occasion. She believes everyone can achieve their dreams - and she will ensure you're dressed for the part.